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About Us

Rosy Hosiery Mills - Since 1960

 Renka Fashions is the first flagship brand from the stable of Rosy Hosiery Mills, a 54 year old wholesale manufacturing company of high quality knitted garments and fabrics. As a manufacturer, we export to several international retail houses around the globe like Marks & Spencers, Zara etc. and are an established name in the Indian domestic market as well.

Essentially comprising winter wear, our products are of high quality and at an affordable price. The Brand Renka is our first retail experiment and is a wholly online brand (but may have print material and event material for trade shows).

 The product line comprises of cardigans, tops, pullovers, ponchos, jackets, thermals and mufflers in the winter collection and stylish spaghetti tops, camisoles and inners in the all-season collection. Renka is the first in India to offer seamless, no-stitch garments. Seamless garments are like a second skin offering the ultimate in snug comfort without unsightly bulges or irritation caused by stitching. Stylish, contemporary and affordable, Renka offers top-of-the line designs without sacrificing comfort. In the near future Renka may plan to venture into Home furnishings like cushion covers, tablecloths, etc.



144-Diwan Nihal Chand Road, Ludhiana, 141001 

Email: rosyhosiery@gmail.com

Call: 7030414744